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CT's First Smash Room

CT's First Smash Room

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All participants must wear full coverage clothing. Long jeans (no holes). NO LEGGINGS. Long sleeve top or Hoodie recommended. Closed toed shoes such as sneakers or boots. Must smash in your own clothes. At Smash Avenue, ALL of our equipment is disinfected and sanitized after each use!

Take Out Your Frustrations in Rage Rooms Near Fairfield County, CT

If you’re looking for the best way to take out your stress or frustration safely, Smash Avenue in West Hartford, CT has the solution for you! We feature rage rooms and anger rooms that let you smash things until you feel better. By the time you leave one of our smash sessions, you will feel as if all your anger and frustration have melted away. In addition to these rage rooms, we also offer the perfect place for a night out with your family and friends. We offer various entertainment options, including knife throwing, ax throwing, Airsoft gun shooting, and lawn games.

Top of the List of Fun Places to Go with Family

Are you looking for the perfect place to go with your family? Whether you desperately need a night out or just want something fun and unique to do, we offer the options you want for fun for the whole family just, a short drive from Fairfield County, CT. If you or other family members are feeling stressed out, we recommend booking our stress-relief room. We make it easy to melt away the stresses of daily life and enjoy yourself with one of our many activities. We truly have something for everyone!

A Unique Entertainment Opportunity

We offer unique entertainment options if you want to try something different from your typical night out. Whether you book an anger room or stress-relief room, or you opt for activities like knife throwing, ax throwing, Airsoft gun shooting, or lawn games, you won’t find anything else like it. We make the list of fun places to go with family close to Fairfield County, CT, giving you the fun night out you deserve.

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